Pinch and Squeal

An Awful Lot of Vaudeville


Cleveland's Illigitamte Theatre

WIZBANG! (originally named the Voix De Ville) is an entertainment venue. It is an imaginarium of neo-vaudeville, musical extravaganza, circus arts, comedy, and theatre in a small, mobile, circus tent! The Wizbang! consist of 2 tents, and theater tent and a backstage tent equalling about 600 square feet. The theater has it’s own sound system, stage lighting, 60 seats, and an 8’ x8’ stage with traveling curtain. 


We have popped up all over Cleveland and Detroit featuring the best of Cleveland and beyond. Entertaining consistent sold out crowds at Ingenuity festival '13, ’14, and the ’14 Mini Maker Faire! Our shows have been seen all over Cleveland with riotous reviews from it’s audiences. We are everything from Vaudeville, comedic circus, to sideshow and cabaret! 


The Wizbang! is an experience: part theatre, part circus, always magical. You step into a intimate setting with velvet curtains, crazy creatures welcome you and the best entertain you! The ever evolving shows unfold in front, around and sometimes above you ! The Wizbang!, is produced and designed by Pinch and Squeal, (Jason and Danielle Tilk) a musical neo-vaudeville duo bringing you whimsical hilarity, clichéd sentimentality, knee-jerk patriotism and old-wheeze jokes. Become part of the madness!